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Silver Safe Disinfectant

Product description


Silver Safe Disinfectant Range

  • Ready to use solution with strong, broad-spectrum antiviral and antibacterial effects.
  • Contains silver and hydrogen peroxide
  • Provides professional disinfection, allowing for prolonged maintenance of pathogen-free surfaces and objects.
  • Not alkali/acid-based and not genotoxic.
  • Safe for living organisms and can be used on surfaces that have direct contact with food – no harmful end-products.
  • Not temperature sensitive.
  • Does not contain flammable, explosive, or hazardous substrates.
  • Fully water-soluble.
  • The solution has a long shelf life under the recommended storage conditions.*
  • Alcohol and chlorine free.
  • Odour, colour and taste free.

*Store in a vertical position in the original, airtight and properly labelled packaging. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Avoid extreme temperatures. Do not store together with alkalis, reducing agents or metal salts.




Silver Safe range has strong bactericide, virucide, sporicide, fungicide, algaecide and amoebicide, perfect for the disinfection of:

  • Walls, floors & work surfaces in private, public and industrial facilities and other buildings used in professional activities, including offices, residences, Hospitals, Clinics, and schools.
  • Agriculture, Livestock, commercial farming buildings.
  • Food & Beverage processing factories.
  • Sidewalks, driveways, shop windows and building facades.
  • Surfaces, materials, equipment and furniture.
  • For water treatment, swimming pools in the facilities: hotels, leisure facilities, wellness centres, fitness centres, and private pools.
  • Tools, equipment, vehicles and machinery.
  • Industrial fabrics, textiles and clothing.
  • For disinfection of air conditioning systems.
  • For the destruction of mould on the surfaces of construction structures.
  • For disinfection of equipment, containers, kitchen surfaces and pipelines related to the production, transport, storage and consumption of food intended for humans and animals.
  • For disinfection of water intended for human and animal consumption.